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Training Courses

Instrument Rating (IR/A) Phase

The actual commercial pilot training is performed at FINAA in Pori. The first step is the instrument rating training (IR/A). An instrument rated pilot is able to fly without visual view of the ground. The training is performed using our FNPT II trainers and Diamond DA-42 aircraft. The theory training is 200 hours and flight training in total 50 hours.


Airline Transport Pilot License ATPL(A) theory and Commercial Pilot License CPL(A) Phase

This phase includes 500 hours of ATPL(A) theory training. Additionally there is 15 hours of flight training. The ATPL(A) theory course is required when a pilot wishes to fly an airline class aircraft and becoming a captain. The CPL enables the pilot to fly in commercial operations. In our CPL training we use both the Diamond DA-42 aircraft.

Multi-Engine Rating (ME) Phase

In this last phase of training the students are trained to fly multiengine aircraft. The theory training contains 40 hours of both class room study and web based training. Flight training is 35 hours in our Embraer Phenom 100 fixed based trainers and the actual aircraft.

Multi Crew Co-operation (MCC) Training

As the final training topic is the MCC course. This is essential to fly as an airline crew member in Multi Pilot Aircraft. The training includes 25 hours of theory and 5 simulator sessions 4 hours each,  ie. 20 simulator flight hours.

Upset Recovery Training

This optional training includes 8 hours of theory training after which there are 1-3 flights lasting approximately 30 minutes each. The purpose of this training is to demonstrate the signs of aircraft getting into unusual attitudes as well as techniques to recover from these attitudes back into controlled flight.


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