Finnish Aviation Academy
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Restaurant SIO is open during weekdays from 7:30 until 13:30

in the Office building, Ilmailuopistontie 221

The lunch time is from 10:45 until 13:00.

You may enjoy our home made main courses, soups and salads.

There are also sandwiches, ice cream, bakeries, snacks, juices, limonades, coffee and tea available.

Please inform the Chef if you have got special diets.

Here is an example of our weekly menu.


Restaurant SIO

Chef Kari Kivistö

Ilmailuopistontie 221

28540 Pori

phone +358 2-6301705 or +358 50-5742400



Finnish Aviation Academy
Ilmailuopistontie 221

Business ID: FI17289250

Tel: +358 2 6301 700
Fax: +358 2 6301 719